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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Samut Songkram and Evening Floating Market
Joined Trip: -
Private Trip: 2,700 Baht/person (Min 2 pax)
08.00 a.m.    Departure from Bangkok8 v( e8 _# s9 n( T/ n" f: K: C- _

09.30 a.m.     Visit “Tao Tarn”, see coconut sugarmaking

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10.30 a.m.     Leave Tao Tarn, go to “PinsuwanBenjarong”, Thai

                         painted  porcelain.

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11.30  a.m.     Leavefrom Pinsuwan Benjarong, heading to Dorn Hoi


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12.00 p.m.     Having seafood lunch at Dorn Hoi Lord ,shopping at

                         local market

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01.00 p.m.     Go to “Wat Phetsamut Worawiharn”, visitHoob

                        Rom Market, the market whichis takes place at both

                         side of the railway.All shopkeepers will shut their

                        umbrellas and keeptheir products when train is passing.


. K: R, P/ Q4 P3 k* y

02.45 p.m.     Go to “Wat Phummarin Kudithong”, Seethe most

                         beautiful wallpainting. Visit Wat Bang Kung, Unseen

                         Thailand withtrees covered building.

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04.45 p.m.     Go to “Ampawa Floating Market”. SeeThai river side

                         way of life and havedinner.

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05.15 p.m.      Arrive the Floating Market. Take you freetime and enjoy dinner. (not include)

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06.30 p.m.     Boat Trip along Mae Klong Canal, see the impressive sceneryboth side of

                         the canal and the mostbeautiful sparkling light from fireflies.

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08.30 p.m.     Back to Bangkok.  


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' ]- u7 E+ R( H  k$ W  y/ Y( T" ^) b( u, Y% S6 e: c9 [$ t2 D# F8 K
+ |: p" H; w% a. @/ L1 `


Tripinclusive:  Round Trip Transfer  

                          Boat Trip

                           Entrance Fee  


                         ***    Organized on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidayonly    ***

7 H  Q5 t% ?% |! C2 X* u) S8 A
) N4 Q) m! |! ]0 Q$ ~8 l8 `% |9 A) M" Z' e7 c4 A# t. b

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3 q, o/ H* E4 f2 x: q+ f' ]' a" r
4 V9 S" U& G; N! H1 k