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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: River Kwai Trekking tour and Tiger Temple
Joined Trip: 2,600 baht/person
Private Trip: 3,950 Baht/ person (Min 2 pax)
06.30 a.m.     Pick up from the hotel; z1 T1 t+ Z5 E1 _6 k
9 n$ @3 \. N3 P

08.00 a.m.    Go to River Kwai.
' `7 G3 m9 m7 P# b( B, o4 A( p6 w. C7 v6 A. v

09.30 a.m.     Visit to cemetery of allied prisons of the

                        Second World War.7 a, a. Q; v) `* u3 F0 E* q

) i* g* z/ l* p$ L) a2 c

10.00 a.m.     See the JEATH Museum.(Option Tour, 40 Baht)* o) d4 k3 x8 F% Q# b9 ?

0 W- G, G7 p3 j6 [

10.30 a.m.     See to the River Kwai Bridge.* V1 i" m; y+ M9 B6 S4 Z, |0 y

& _! `6 t2 E  A6 A+ T1 U) q

12.00 p.m.     Thai buffet lunch.3 d- z. ]0 F0 H/ H- J( T3 O* }

2 Y8 j& J4 h# k1 z

01.30 p.m.     Visit Elephant Camp, elephant riding and bamboo rafting

. O4 t1 y0 ^) X

02.30 p.m.     Visit Sai yok noi waterfall, half hour for free time.
/ ?" V. m. w/ F% V6 i1 ^* R/ s  c7 Y
" M+ ^/ C% l2 c/ d4 c" L3 W

03.20 p.m.     Visit the Tiger temple.# {, o/ r! u% I7 B7 w7 S

( o3 T& m# c, C$ O3 q  z7 ?$ p

05.00 p.m.     Back to Bangkok.: D; ?) V2 H/ x. M

; d$ S# O# ?& H1 j4 d

07.00 p.m.     Arrive in Bangkok.         

5 U& x, i3 y9 M



$ @& z( n8 ^6 U+ X' P4 [


- U9 V9 w0 i) v+ o% W
3 V4 H$ j% f/ {  m9 f0 a
; G; B! T7 }4 G8 T3 M
. O/ c7 [' F; [  @! L% z
$ v4 ^& i+ U5 m

      Trip inclusive:  -Round Trip Transfer

                             -Entrance Fee



                            -EnglishSpeaking Guide (Joined Trip Only)

+ V0 W5 J% V9 {, z

***Please DO NOT wear RED, ORANGE, PINK, YELLOW, or VIVID COLOR for visiting the Tiger Temple

& l, C/ T9 Z( Z9 |- a