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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: River Kwai and Trekking tour 3 days 2 nights
Joined Trip: 3,100 baht/person : Fan room
Private Trip: 3,400 baht/person : Air condition room


06.30a.m.     Pick up from the Hotel.

08.00a.m.     Go to Kanchanaburi.

09.30a.m.     Visitto cemetery of allied prisons of the

                     Second World War.

10.00a.m.     See the JEATH Museum.

10.30a.m.     Visit to the River Kwai Bridge.

11.45a.m.     Take the train to see along TheDeath  Railway,

                     the most dangerous curving bridge.

01.30p.m.     Thai buffet lunch.

02.30 p.m.     Visit Sai yok noi waterfall.

04.30p.m.     Go to the Rafting House.

08.00p.m.    Thai dinner.

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08.00a.m.    Thai breakfast.

09.30a.m.     Go toThe Elephant Camp.

10.00 a.m.    Visit the Elephant Camp, Elephant

                     riding and bamboorafting along the River Kwai

12.00p.m.     Thai buffet lunch.

02.00p.m.     Visit Hellfire Pass, the eighteen meters deep

                    cutting mountain of the  railway route

04.30p.m.     Back to the Floating House stayover night.

08.00p.m.     Thai dinner.

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08.00a.m.    Thai Breakfast. (Morning free forswimming)

09.00a.m.    Transfer to Erawan Waterfall,the most

                  beautiful and   famous waterfall in  Thailand.

                  Free time for swimming relax and enjoy the scenery

                  of the  wonderful national park.

                  (500 Baht, OptionTour)

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12.00p.m.     Lunch at the waterfall

05.00p.m.     Back to Bangkok.   

07.00 p.m.    Arrivein Bangkok' V, c; Q. y$ A: [3 x* q1 h


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Trip inclusive:  -Round Trip Transfer

                       -Speed Boat (150Baht would be charged for paddle boat)

                       -Entrance Fee

                       -6 Meals  

                       -English Speaking Guide (Joined Trip Only)

$ F5 k4 q6 B, w: N% |( |/ B

Remarks :     -Itinerary tour  are subject to change without advance notice due to the guide.

                     - For your safety and enjoyable trip, pleasebring your own walking shoes, light clothing, towels,

                      flashlight, longtrousers, mosquito repellent, small medical kit.

$ a5 X% N$ D: A  ^: ~. T0 L* i/ G4 c( X6 r/ i  M) P