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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Reclining Buddha, Temple of dawn, Grand Palace and canal trip
Joined Trip: -
Private Trip: 3,000 Baht/ person (Min 2 pax)

08.00a.m.      Pick up time at the hotel by Private carwith Driver

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08.45a.m.      Arrive the Reclining Buddhatemple  (Wat-Pho), one of Bangkok oldest and largest  temple,considered  as the landmark of Bangkok.

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09.30a.m.      Leave the Reclining Buddha Temple,walk to the  pier nearby the take a ferry across the river to Wat Arun.

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09.45a.m.     Get off at Wat Arun, was envisioned by King Taksinin 1768. It is believed that after fighting his way out of Ayutthaya, which wastaken over by a Burmese army at the time, he arrived at this temple just asdawn was breaking. He later had the temple renovated and renamed it Wat Chaeng,the Temple of the Dawn.

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11.00p.m.      After Wat Arun then Take thelong tailed boat along the Chao  Phraya River for 1 hour non stop anddrop off at the pier close to Grand Palace.

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11.15 p.m.      Arrive the Grand Palace oncea royal resident and Wat-Phrakaew, one of  Asia most beautifularchitecture, which house of the Emerald Buddha the most  precious Buddhaimage of Thailand.

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13.00 p.m.     Back to hotel.

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  Trip inclusive:  Round Trip Transfer,  Entrance Fee (No guide with private trip)


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