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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Kanchanaburi 1 Day Tour
Joined Trip: 1,800 baht / person
Private Trip: -

06.30 a.m.        Pick up from major hotels in Bangkok.

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07.30 a.m.        Depart Bangkokfor Kanchanaburi.

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10.00 a.m         ArriveKanchanaburi, visit:

                           W.W.II Museum:An open-air museum

                           constructed in theform of actual prisoners

                           of war (POW) camp. Kanchanaburi

                          War Cemetery: the cemeteryof the

                           remains of over6,000 prisoners of war,

                           who lost their livesduring the construction

                           of the “DeathRailway”. Continue to visit

                           the world’s famous Bridgeon the River


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12.00 a.m.     Take a train ride along part of the “DeathRailway” to Nam-Tok Station,

                         passing the dangerouslooking wooden viaduct built along the mountain.

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01.00 p.m.     Arrive Nam-Tok Station. Transfer to RiverKwai Village Hotel.

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01.30 p.m.     ThaiLunch at Jungle View


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02.00 p.m.    After lunch, take a  short long-

                       tailed speedboat trip along the

                        unforgettable KwaiNoi River.

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02.30 p.m.    Depart the hotel for Bangkok

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07.00 p.m.     Arrive Bangkok. Transfer to


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