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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Kanchanaburi 2 Days 1 Night (Hellfire Pass, Bamboo Rafting & Elephant Riding)
Joined Trip: Mountain Wing : 5,100 baht / person :: River Wing : 5,200 baht / person
Private Trip: Thai Raft Room : 5,800 baht / person (Min 2 pax)
Day 1

06.30 a.m.     Pick up from major hotels in Bangkok.

07.30a.m.    Depart Bangkok for Kanchanaburi.

10.00a.m.    Arrive Kanchanaburi, visit:

                       W.W.II Museum: An open-airmuseum                     

                        constructed in the formof actual prisoners of

                        war (POW) camp.

                       Kanchanaburi War Cemetery: the   

                        cemetery of  the remains of over 6,000 prisoners of war,

                        who lost their lives  during the construction of the “Death Railway”.

                       Bridge on the River Kwai. As depictedin the movie and a part of the “Death

                        Railway”, thehistorical black iron bridge was target of allied bombing during 1945.

12.00p.m.    Take a train ride along part ofthe “Death Railway”,  

                        passing the dangerouslooking wooden viaduct built along the mountain.

01.00p.m.     Arrive Nam-Tok Station. Transferto River Kwai Village


01.30p.m.    Check-in at the hotel uponarrival. Thai Lunch

                        at Jungle View Restaurant.

03.00p.m.     Kaeng Lava Cave: Take a shortlong-tailed speedboat

                         trip upstream the Kwai Noi River. Climb up to the Kaeng

                         Lava Cavefor an  interesting visit  of the fantastic stone


04.30p.m.    Transfer back to the hotel byboat.

07.00p.m.     European dinner at hotel.

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Day 2

08.00     American breakfast

08.30    Hellfire Pass & theElephant Tour: Depart the hotel

               to visitHellfire Pass Memorial and cutting mountain for

               a railway track which was doneby hands of the Allied


10.30     Continue to the Elephant Camp, by bamboorafting

               along a rushing stream of Kwai Noi River. Arrive the

               Elephant Camp for an excitingelephant back-riding

               through a jungle. Picnic lunchwill be provided.

13.45     Depart the Elephant Camp for the


14.30    Depart the hotel for Bangkok.

19.00     Arrive Bangkok Transfer to hotels.

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