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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Ayutthaya 1 day tour
Joined Trip: 1,550 Baht/person
Private Trip: 2,600 Baht/person (Min 2 pax)


06.30 a.m.     Pick up time

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07.30 a.m.     Go to Ayutthaya(Ancient city)

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08.30 a.m.     Visit Wat Phu Khao Thong. Thistemple is located outside the city of Ayutthaya.

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09.30 a.m.     Arrive at Ayutthaya and visit the ancient palace and WatPhra Sri Sanphet. Visit Viharn PhraMongkol Bopit, one of the largest bronze Buddha in Thailand.

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12.00 p.m.     Thai buffet lunch.

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01.00 p.m.     Visit Wat Lokaya Sutha. This templeis adjacent to Wat Worachettharam in the West to thecity. It’s the house of a large reclining Buddha image, made of brick and covered withplaster.

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02.30 p.m.     Visit Wat Phra Mahathat. This templeis located in front of the grand palace.Theconstruction was began during the reign of King Borom RachathiratI in 1374 A.D.

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03.00 p.m.     Back to Bangkok.

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04.30 p.m.     Arrive in Bangkok.   


Tripinclusive:  Round Trip Transfer, Entrance Fee, Lunch and English Speaking Guide (Joined Trip Only)