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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Ayuthaya Light Up ( Bang Pa In Palace, Temples, Boat Trip, Dinner)
Joined Trip: N/A
Private Trip: N/A

11.45 a.m.       Pick up Time

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12.00 p.m.     Depart to Ayuthaya.

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01.00 p.m.     Visit the Bang Pa In Palace, theKing’s Summer

                         Palace. Now the palaceis used occasionally by their

                         Majesties King Rama IXand Queen Sirikit as a

                         residence and forreceptions and banquets.

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02.00 p.m.     Go to Wat Pranancheong.

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02.20 p.m.    Arrive Wat Pranancheong. Visit anold monastery

                        housing Thailand’slargest ancient Buddha image was

                        known as Luang Por To.The temple was built in about

                        A.D. 1344 or about 26years before the Ayuthaya Era.

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03.10 p.m.     Go to Wat Yai Chai Mongkol.

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03.30 p.m.     Arrive Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, thepride

                        of Siam. Apart from its scenery thatremains

                        enchantingblended with the ancient beauty

                        andserenity and housing King Naresuan

                        The Great’smonument.Visiting Wat Yai

                        Chaimongkolis just like taking the journey

                         intothe past and is well worth a visit!

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04.00 p.m.     Go to Wat Pra Sri Sanphet.

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04.15 p.m.      Arrive Wat Pra Sri Sanphet. The royal

                         palace was locatedhere from the

                         establishment of Ayutthaya. Later King

                        Borommatrailokanat orderedto build the

                        temple on this site in1448 A.D. to be used

                        as a monastic area.

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05.00 p.m.     Go to Wat Mahathat

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05.10 p.m.      Arrive Wat Mahathatis believed to have been

                        made in about A.D. 1374.The temple was restored

                        and remodeled manytimes in the later Ayutthaya

                        period, until itfinally collapsed in 1904.

                        Restoration work by theFine Arts Department in

                        1956 revealed manyartifacts including the relics of

                        the Buddha once housedin the stupa, other

                        Buddha images andvotive tablets, now on display

                        in other museums.

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05.40 p.m.     Go for Dinner

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06.00 p.m.     Dinner Time at Historical site Restaurant

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07.00 p.m.     Go to pier

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07.10 p.m.      Take a long tailed boat along the river(about 45 mins)

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08.00 p.m.    Get off the boat at Wat Chaiwattanarom,The temple was constructedin

                        1630 by the king Prasat Thong as thefirst temple of his reign. It was designed

                        in Khmer style which was popular inthat time. After the total destroying of the

                        old capital bythe Burmese in 1767. Only in 1987, the Thai Department of Fine

                        Artsstarted restoring the site. It was opened to the public in 1992. Seeing the

                        Light – Up.

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08.30 p.m.     Back to Bangkok

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09.15 p.m.      Arrive Bangkok


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  Trip inclusive:  Round Trip Transfer

                                 Entrance Fee


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