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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Pattaya 3 days 2 nights
Joined Trip: 6,500 Baht/ 1 person (Ibis Pattaya) :: 12,500 Baht / 2 person (Ibis Pattaya)
Private Trip: 6,750 Baht/ person (Min 2 pax) (Ibis Pattaya)


07.00a.m.     Departure from hotel to Pattaya Beach

09.30a.m.     Arrived the pier in Pattaya Beach and

                     take a sea boat trip to coralisland (Koh Larn.)The island is

                     about 4 kilometers and 2 kilometers wide. There are about

                    six beaches  on the island and many activities there for

                     visitor to enjoy.)

11.00a.m.      Arrived the coral island and free time at you leisure.

01.00p.m.     Thai local Lunch at the coral island.

                      After lunch your enjoywith some of

                      (Optional Tour) parasailing,snorkeling, jet skiing,

                      banana boat riding, swimming, sun bathing,

                      and even shooting range.

03.30p.m.     Leave the coral island back to Pattaya Beach

04.30p.m.     Arrive Pattaya Beach and free time for shopping

                     or enjoying night life in Pattaya.


07.00a.m.     Break fast at hotel and freetime

12.00p.m.     Go to Nong-Nooch Garden,where has emerged as a

                     fascinating tourist destination renownedfor its wide-ranging

                     orchid species, a palmgarden, various flowers and  

                     decorative plants.

03.00p.m.    Thai Cultural and Traditional Dance  Show will have

                     opportunity to see other performance such as religious

                     ceremonies  material arts. And ElephantShow with

                     special skills inplaying football, dancing and even

                     interacting with tourists.

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04.00p.m.     After Thai Cultural and Elephant Show, free time at

                     your leisure or dinner (not include)

06.30p.m.    Enjoy the Cabaret Show, a wonderful and excited with

                    Beauty Theater, the latest technology and marvelous music

                    dances. After the showis your freetime.

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07.00 a.m.     Breakfast at hotel and free time until check-out

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11.00a.m. or 05.00 p.m.    Back to Bangkok      


Optional Tour (for private trip only)

                              : Tiger Zoo (280 Baht)

                              : Under Water World Pattaya ( 350 Baht)

                              : Flight of TheGibbon (2,300 Baht) (12.30 p.m.)

                              :Submarine Trip (1,500 Baht)

                              :Khao Kheow Open Zoo (250 Baht)

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Trip inclusive:             -Round TripTransfer

                                 -Entrance Fee

                                 -Lady Boy Show

                                  -2 nights accommodation

                                 -3 meals (Lunch, Breakfast, Breakfast

                                  -English Speaking Guide (Joined Trip Only)

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