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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Safari World 1 day tour
Joined Trip: 1,600 baht / person
Private Trip: 2,200 Baht/ person (Min 2 pax)


08.00 a.m.    Pick up at your hotel

10.20a.m.    Urang Utang Boxing Show –Man closest cousins takecenter stage as they tickle you with theirkeen sense of humor and dazzle you withthere mathematical  talents. And who couldmiss world-famous Thai Boxing Show,starring the funniest and hairiest champion.

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11.00a.m.     Sea Lion Show-“LighthouseCove” will never be the same againwith its new occupants. This quiet town along the

Pacific coast will be turn upside down  when our Sea Lion friends wreak havoc as they pull one trickafter another. Chiefs of Mischief take control.

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11.40a.m.     Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show– Venture into the lawless Wild Wild West and get caught upin the fist & gun fights between the cowboys and the bandits.

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12.00p.m.    Buffet Lunch atair-conditioned Jungle Cruise Restaurant

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01.30p.m.     Dolphin Show – The mostadorable of marine life will kiss and hug you as well as sing and do thedisco for you, all you need is a flipper.

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02.30p.m.     Spy War Live Action StuntSpectacular Safari World’s No.1show, it is a visual extravaganza that combines the latest of pyro and specialeffects,  breathtaking para-troopingstunts and state-of-the art  sound system. An earth-shatteringexperience not to be missed.

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03.30p.m.     Bird Show – Come for themajestic sights of a flock of pelicans gliding over your head, theheart-warming courtship of 2 lovebirds and the grandeur of bird-of-pray inflight

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04.00p.m.    Take a 45 minutes adventure intoSafari Park and explore wildlife up-close and personal. Comeface to face with herds of giraffes, zebras, tigers, lions and many more!!

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04.45p.m.     Farewell to Safari World andtransfer you back to the hotel

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05.00p.m.     Farewell to Safari World andtransfer you back to the hotel

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Trip inclusive:   Round Trip Transfer, Entrance Fee (Marine Parkand Safari) and Lunch ,English Speaking Guide (Joined Trip Only)

Option Tour:River Safari Ride is 350 THB/person

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