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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: Grand Palace, Temple and City Tour with Canal Trip
Joined Trip: -
Private Trip: 3,500 Baht/ person (Min 2 pax)
08.15 a.m.       Pick up from hotel/ p8 C' r% B& t$ m# u

08.45 a.m.     Visit the Golden Buddha temple (WatTrimit)   

                      which houses of theworld largest golden Buddha

                      image, now more than 700 years old, is avaluable

                      treasure of Thailandand Buddhism.

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09.15 a.m.      Leave the Golden Buddha Temple, go to Reclining Buddha Temple

, L& A2 @- V. M9 h

09.45 a.m.     Arrive the Reclining Buddha temple

                        (Wat-Pho), one of Bangkok oldest andlargest

                         temple, considered  as the landmark of Bangkok.

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10.30 a.m.     Leave the Reclining Buddha Temple, walk to the

                         pier nearby.

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10.45 a.m.      Take the long tailed boat along theChao

                        Phraya River.

4 V8 m: u$ b9 i  X1 W) o9 [2 T  H

11.45 a.m.       Arrivethe pier then have Lunch.

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12.30 p.m.      Go to the Grand Palace.

. T2 _3 N" n+ H  `

12.45 p.m.      Arrive the Grand Palace once a royal resident and Wat-Phrakaew,

                       one of Asiamost beautiful architecture, which house of the Emerald

                       Buddha the most precious Buddha imageof Thailand.

9 G& r% u+ P- [5 L% H

14.15 p.m.       Leave the GrandPalace, go to the Marble Temple

( m2 p* }- p1 J. T0 R' b

14.50 p.m.      Visit the Marble temple (WatBenchamabophit), one of the most

                      modern works of Thaireligious architecture. This temple is very famous   for its main

                         chapel built in whiteItalian marble.               

16.25p.m.      Leave the Marble Temple and back to the hotel." M- F6 t7 W# g9 Z0 ~
# a% e% o- e" _/ e. B* r) @" t

; r( f/ D3 s+ I! ~) ?- E  ~0 _


* l' q0 D- s2 F( M2 S! M& d
1 z, _2 q+ q8 ?2 f* s1 K

* g% L2 j9 a. @. X% [( xTrip inclusive:  Round Trip Transfer, Entrance Fee and lunch.

Optional Tour : Gems Stone Factor

: `3 |4 P: F/ h$ C