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plumsiam program tour
Seeing trip: The Rose Garden
Joined Trip: 1,200 Baht / person
Private Trip: 2,400 Baht / person (Min 2 pax)

English Speaking Guide (Joined Trip Only

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12.00 p.m.     Pick up from hotel

# g' k3 L" [8 X% K) f

01.00 p.m.     Arrive the Rose Garden, the village builtin the style of Thai architecture.

                        Enjoy watching the 14 Thai cultureand ceremony shows such as Thai wedding

                        ceremony, Thai Boxing,Sword Fighting, and Thai folk song.

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04.00 p.m.     Depart for Bangkok

6 o' z- J1 H! S. ^, m& i4 D# H

05.30 p.m.     Return to hotel


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***Trip inclusive:  Round TripTransfer, EntranceFee , English SpeakingGuide (Joined Trip Only )

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